7 Days One Way Corsica - Sardinia

One way Corsica-Sardinia
Sandy beaches, boutique shopping and Mega yachts await!

Looking for contrast and variety? This itinerary will take you from the most deserted beaches in Corsica to the most fashionable and wanted port in the West Mediterranean: Porto Cervo in Sardinia! You will also discover charming fishing villages, breathtaking sceneries of high and white cliffs, wonderful Mediterranean cuisine and historical sites!


Day 1 – St Florent (25 NM – 1 hour)
Depending on your arrival time on day 1 or the previous night, our team will meet you at Calvi Airport and will organize your transfer to the yacht
or to your hotel. At noon your yacht is ready for departure and your crew will make sure you feel comfortable onboard. After a refreshing lunch, you will depart for the nearby city and Gulf of St Florent. Most probably one of the largest and protected Gulfs of the area, the St Florent gulf also features 30 km of untouched nature and pristine beaches.


Day 2 Head mid-morning south for the Gulf of Porto. The mass of intriguing red rock formations along the coast between Porto and Piana are known as “Les Calanques”, and are a highlight of a visit to Corsica: the wind and sea have eroded the pink granite rock into pillars, huge boulders and strange shapes. The scenery is most spectacular at sunset, when the setting sun highlights the natural red and pink colors of the rock. As the sun goes down, head towards the city of Ajaccio, birth town of Napoleon and great city to discover the local cuisine!


Day 3 – Bonifacio & the South (45 NM – 2hours for motor yachts cruising 17 knots, 5 hours for sailing yachts) Bonifacio is located at the extreme south of Corsica and is maybe the most impressive city and harbor on the Island: you will make your way through a natural canal in between white cliffs to reach the old fishing port and the marina. In the afternoon you may visit the Medieval City which is made up of old cobbled streets lined with tall, thick-walled houses, true fortresses perched on the cliff. In the evening, enjoy the wonderful seafood on one of the “Terrasses” (restaurants)…


Day 4 – Lavezzi Islands (7 NM – 30 minutes on motor yacht - 1 hour on sailiing yacht) Just close from Bonifacio, past the high cliffs with an incredible angle on the fortified city, you will reach the Lavezzi Islands. Just imagine grey boulder rocks surrounded by turquoise waters. The ideal place for a swim. Depending on the wind and weather, the captain might take you straight to the Islands north of Sardinia or the Gulf of Santa Manza in Corsica.

Day 5 – La Maddalena & Caprera Islands (20 NM – 1 hour on motor yacht and 2.0-2.5 on a sailing yacht) La Maddalena is the only inhabited island of the archipelago consisting of 7 large islands and about 20 islets on the North-East coast of Sardinia, in the Straits of Bonifacio. The archipelago extends for about 200 Km of coast, with many, well sheltered small beaches of white sand, such as "Cala Corsara" on the islandof Spargi and the famous Pink Beach on the island of Budelli.


Day 6 – Cala di Volpe (17 NM – 1 hour on a motor yacht and 2.0-2-5 on a sailing yacht) After an early breakfast, enjoying the morning warmth of the sun, you will depart for the famous Costa Smeralda on mainland Sardinia. This coastal resort area has been renowned as a haunt of the wealthy and beautiful international jet-set since the 1960s when this unspoiled, pristine region was discovered and popularized by Aga Khan.

Day 7 & 8 – Porto Cervo (12 NM – 1 hour motor yacht and 1.5 hours sailing yacht) For your last day in “paradise”, nothing can be better than enjoying Porto Cervo, one of the most wanted and exclusive place in the Mediterranean: luxury boutiques, bars, night clubs, excellent restaurants... and the widest selection of mega yachts in the world!


All itineraries are subject to weather and sea conditions at time of charter. The itineraries mentioned herin above are suggested. No port of call is guaranteed. All itineraries can be changed based on personal preferences with your Captain directly on board. Travel times are estimates to provide you with a sense of time requirements. Motor yachts reduce time needed between islands by traveling in faster speeds, however with increased speeds are higher fuel consumptions. Motor yachts are more suseptable to adverse weather conditions than sailing yachts and/or catamarans.

  • Itinerary provided by Azimut Yachts