The perfect blend of Glamour and Nature

Day 1    Calvi to Girolta (28 nautical miles)

Embark on your charter in Calvi situated in the north west of Corsica and cruise to the Folfe of Girolta, a naturally beautiful gulf with quaint fishing villages for your first night we recommend anchored at sea for a peaceful nights rest and let the sea absorb all your jet lag from your long haul flight to awaken refreshed and ready to continue your journey to the stunning Ajaccio.

Day 2    Girolta to Ajaccio (30 nautical miles)

Wake up to fresh coffee, maybe even try a morning swim to energize you for the day ahead. Set sail for the impressive Ajaccio and meander the old streets of Ajaccio, the birthplace of Napolean. Lose yourself in this Mediterranean city amongst the old homes and picturesque ruins. Try your first dinner ashore in one of the quaint restaurants. After dinner head back to your yacht for an evening nightcap and enjoy the Mediterranean night sky.

Day 3 Ajaccio to Golfe de Valinco (23 nautical miles)

Enjoy the journey and the scenery as you make your way down the west coast of Corsica. Allow yourself to take it in and just maybe turn off the cell phone (which may happen naturally as reception can be limited). Wonder what your Chef has in store for you for lunch and enjoy an at sea lunch and mid day beach exploration.

Day 4 Golfe de Valinca to Bonifacio (30 nautical miles)

Depart the Golfe early morning to take in the entire day. Stop for some mid day water sports around the Sanguinaires Islands before continuing on to Bonifacio. Remember its all about the journey and not just the next destination. Although the next destination in this itinerary is breathtaking Bonifacio - sculpted from the sea, the eroded limestone and 16th century homes give new meaning to jaw dropping.

Day 5 Bonifacio to Isle de Lavezzi (10 nautical miles)

More impressive rock formations await, along with pristine beaches in Isle de Lavezzi. An ideal place for a swim if you have managed to not have taken a dip thus far - here is the place to do it; limestone rock in crystal clear turquoise waters. Get your snorkeling gear out and enjoy the day.

Day 6 Isle de Lavezzi to Maddalena (10 nautical miles)

Another perfect day awaits in Maddalena and an ideal opportunity to get some more water sports in. If you haven't managed to get into the water because you think its too cold - have someone push you off the yacht. It is a boarder line crime to not enter the waters of the Mediterranean and take in all their therapeutic value that the sea so graciously wants to give you.

Day 7 Maddalena to Cala di Volpe, Sardinia (12 nautical miles)

Beaches, beaches, beaches… the wonderful wide open gulf of Cala di Volpe is decorated with beautiful beaches so take your pick for a day on the beach.

Day 8 Cala di Volpe to Porto Cervo (10 nautical miles)

On your way to the tantalizing Porto Cervo, lined with mega yachts and the who's who of Mega yacht owners, fashionstas and beautiful people. Don't let all the dazzle blind you - be sure to venture inland to discover "old sardinia", a naturally beautiful island with extensive culture, tradition and history.

For those who are disembarking in Bonifacio, you will loop back around and combine the destinations of Isle de Lavezzi and Maddalena and see them on your return prior to disembarkation.

Keep in mind that all itineraries are merely suggestions and to provide you with a small taste of what is to come. All itineraries are subject to weather conditions at the time of your charter. No ports of call are guaranteed and this suggested itinerary is not intended to be a published "cruise ship" itinerary. With all private yacht charters you have the Freedom to adapt your itinerary directly with your Captain to your personal preferences at the time of your charter.