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The Ionian Islands

Your journey begins in Athens where you set sail for the beautiful fishing village of Korfos about thirty-five nautical miles from Athens where we stop for our first fresh fish lunch and swim. From there we press on to the very large harbor of Loutraki where we disembark for our first evening out in the wonderful city of Loutraki, famous for its thermal spas and Casino night life – Are you ready to try your fate with Lady Luck?

Loutraki offers great restaurants and a bustling night life community of Jet setters. From Loutraki we press on to the Corinthian Canal (called by local Greeks, Isthmus) where you will have your morning breakfast. Passing through the Corinthian Canal is an experience all on its own. The Corinthian Canal is the largest man-made canal in the world and passing through it is like being in the movie Raiders of the Lost Arc. Its walls are over 50 meters high, with light turquoise blue shallow waters and a current that propels the Cat quickly through. It requires a steady Captain’s hand to take you through the canal gracefully – but not to worry because all of our captains have been trained in the most difficult waters.

We are off to Galaxidi – a picturesque port famous for its romantic setting. There isn’t much to do there except enjoy your yacht, the scenery and the wonderful starlight skies that Galaxidi offers. Its a chance for you to go back in time. A more simple time - when people still remember how to enjoy some good wine with friends, the importance of conversation and the afternoon stroll by the water. From Galaxidi we are off to Aegion (not Aegeana which is in the Saronic Gulf) but Aegion, the beginning of the Ionian and the beginning of crystal clear blue waters.

Aegion is great for swimming and diving for fresh sea urchins but be careful. The Sea urchins of Aegion are some of the largest you will find but if you are a good diver – you will be experiencing a wonderful fresh sea treat because the inside of the Sea urchin is packed with essential vitamins to help you begin to get your energy back.

From Aegion we are off to Ithaki – a beautiful island filled with old rock homes and little castles. Ithaki is exceptionally green with wonderful swimming locations, great little taverns. Don’t expect many facilities in its harbor but that’s ok because you will have everything you need on board. Ithaki is wonderful island especially if you want to feel like you’re in a different time. The people of Ithaki know that you’ve got to slow down if you really want to enjoy life. It’s the Perfect Island for walking, swimming and just overall relaxing its in fresh air and peacefulness. At this point we can start bringing you back to Athens and take you through an entirely different set of locations or you can continue to Sami for the rest of your Ioanian island tour.

After Ithaki we are off to Sami or more popularly known as Cephalonia, the island of Odysseus’s. Cephalonia is also very green with stunning beaches and greater harboring coves. The Cephalonians still maintain the Greek hospitality that Greece is famous for serving everywhere great wines, big black olives and lots of homegrown fresh olive oil and fantastic food.

After Cephalonia we are off to Fiscardo, second home to Tom Hanks, it’s an exceptionally small little island with the quaintest harbor and multi colored houses. When you arrive there, make sure you see Mama Maria who is famous for feeding Tom every summer. From Fiscardo we leave for Meganisi where your Captain will hide you away in some of the most private, off the beaten track coves in the area.

Anchoring out of harbor is an entirely different experience from being in harbor – you have the entire area to yourself for endless hours of swimming, snorkeling, inner-tubing with the dingi, relaxing, sunbathing and wonderful night skinny dipping where the water lights up and sparkles as you swim through it. From Meganisi we wrap up our trip with a pass through of Onasis’ private island (Scorpios) – a beautifully maintained island but off limits to docking – the swimming in the area is wonderful with crystal clear waters.

Off we go to Lefkada where you will disembark. Lefkada is a large marina where we will have a driver waiting to pick up you and your group for a 5-hour drive back to Athens or to take you to a private plane where we will fly you back to Athens. Hopefully at the end of this journey, you and your friends and family are well relaxed, refreshed and re-charged with rolls and rolls of great photos and hours and hours of great video to watch during your cold winter months ahead.

We hope that you have enjoyed your walk through tour of the Ioanian islands – be sure to check out our other suggested itineraries to help you begin to plan with our Yachting Specialists what your experience will be.


Note: Itineraries are always suggested and subject to weather conditions, captain's approval and port authorities at the time of your charter