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7 Day Bodrum Embarkation

Itinerary between Bodrum-Bodrum (7 days)
- Bodrum- Gökova – Knidos – Datça – Hisarönü - Bozburun – Bodrum-

Day 1: Embarkation to the yacht in Bodrum.  Bodrum is one of the most popular resorts of Turkey famous for its beautiful bays, vivid entertainment life, vast choice of shopping and eating-out varieties.  The Medieval Bodrum Castle and the Underwater Archeology Museum worth a visit before you start your cruising on board your yacht.

Day 2: Sailing to the Gulf of Gökova.  The Sedir Island, also known as Cleoptra’s Island, the English Harbour, Çatı Bay are among the most favorite anchorages in this big gulf.

Day 3: Knidos – Knidos was one of the major trading Dorian city before & during the Hellenistic times.   It was famous for the naked statue of Aphrodite made by the famous sculpturer Praxiteles.  Today the ruins of the city can be visited.  Palamutbükü bay is an ideal anchorage for that night.

Day 4: Datça is the only town in this route except Bodrum.  It has a cosy & local atmosphere with its small town center and marina.  You can do some shopping, exchange money, buy naturel olive oil soaps and enjoy a concert in the open-air theatre in the evening if you are lucky.

Day 5: Orhaniye & Selimiye are two beautiful villages & bays in the Hisarönü Gulf.  The sea is crystal clear, bays are quiet and ideal for all watersports in this area.

Day 6: Bozburun is our last stop before we steer back to Bodrum.      

Day 7: Sailing back to Bodrum.  Last day is spent in a bay close to Bodrum to enjoy the beautiful sea and do some water sports. If you wish you may spend the last night in Bodrum to do some shopping and to enjoy the night life.

Day 8: After having breakfast on board, time for disembarkation in Bodrum.