Westship 132ft

Guests 10  Cabins 5  Crew 6
Home Port: International Traveling Yacht

The yachts within the 121-155ft category are the perfect category for the multi-generational family reunion, three families or if you are just looking for that added space and comfort for possible guest visits on your yacht charter. This category of yachts has all the amenities of a larger category without the higher rates. Yachts within this category are also classified as International yachts and travel in many different areas of the Mediterranean and Caribbean. There is a range of styles within this category from the classic yacht interiors to the ultra modern. Many yachts may be an older build that have undergone a complete re-fit effectively making them brand new while offering more competitive charter rates.

Yacht's Highlights

Most yachts of this style will come with

    •    Sun Deck Jacuzzi (on newer models)
    •    Upper Deck Office
    •    Master Cabin Office

Price Range

Yachts range in rate from 77,000 Euros per week to 95,000 Euros per week for Mediterranean charters and $85,000-$120,000 USD for Caribbean Charters depending upon time of year and length of charter. Newer yachts within this group can have charter rates up to 185,000 for a week charter plus extras. These rates do not reflect any promotions that may apply and are not inclusive of Fuel, Food & Beverages and all extras associated with the charter. They are also not inclusive of Country VAT and Repositioning Fees (if applicable). As yachts within this category travel outside of their home ports, repositioning fees are determined by where the yacht is at time of charter request. For example if a yacht with a home port of Athens has a Croatian itinerary around the dates of your requested charter and you have requested a Croatian itinerary, your yacht planner will negotiate with the yacht’s management as to what will be your relocation percentage of the charter.


Yachts of this category have anywhere from 7-10 crew members depending upon services requested from client, additional crew members may be added. Many clients opt to have on board their own personal chef, professional massage therapist or business assistant. Yachts within this group can accommodate for such requests.


Accommodations in yachts of this style and category are typically  5-7 cabin configuration  for anywhere between 10-18 guests. Cabin configurations consist of Master Cabin, One or two VIP cabins and 1 or  2 Twin cabins.  In larger size yachts there are additional cabins for personal body guards, nannies, chefs and other private staff members. Within this category and depending upon your group’s size, additional personnel such as business assistant, nannies will require to use the accommodations for the guests.

Tenders & Toys

While specific small craft licensing is required in all Mediterranean waters, rest assured there will be one if not two jet skis on board. Some yachts offer certification so that you can take the jet skis out while others have replaced their jet skis with other modern craft for hours of water sports enjoyment. Jet skis which are a favorite sport are strictly regulated within European waters and hence you will require to have either proper licensing or a crew member to drive the jet ski.

Sailing Area

The yacht represented in these photos has a home port of the Continental US and is an International Traveling Yacht with winter destinations of the Caribbean and Bahamas while its summer destinations are the Mediterranean