Super Yacht 280 ft

Guests 36 Cabins 18 Crew 34
An exclusive multi-generational family experience

Our unrivaled portfolio of super yachts provides a unique experience on its own, couple that with an amazing destination, exquisite on board dining, unsurpassed customer service and you have the makings of a super yacht experience.

Don’t compare it to a cruise ship because it doesn’t compare.....

The Super yacht category is an ultra exclusive private floating island resort where the venue, views, and experiences change daily. With capacities for 36 guests or 18 couples, each with the same level of luxury, comfort and service, its hard to compare it to anything. Even the most exclusive villas in the world, perched on top of their own private island can’t compare. Simply because that exclusive villa is only one destination and with so much to see in this world and so little time - who wants to see just one destination.

The Super yacht category comes with

A one to one ratio of staff vs guests
Multiple utility vessels for sport fishing, water skiing or scuba diving
Tanks, Compressors on board and a multitude of sea toys
On board concierge services from your Chief Steward
Staff is experienced in event execution

Price Range

Yachts in this category range in rate from $975-$1,200,000 per week depending upon time of year and length of charter. These rates are not inclusive of Fuel, Food & Beverages and all extras associated with the charter.

Yachts in this category are international vessels and re-positioning is typically an additional cost to the charter. This category of yachts rarely provides promotional pricing and may ask for financial background checks to be conducted prior to execution of charter agreement. However, this category of yachts may allow for less than 7 day minimum except for peak periods July/August Summer in the Med and December/January in the Caribbean


Yachts of this category have anywhere from 30-40 crew members depending upon services requested from client, additional crew members may be added. Many clients opt to have on board their own personal chef, professional massage therapist or personal security staff


Accommodations in yachts of this style and category are typically a 14-20 cabin configuration consisting of (1) Master and all other cabins identical VIP cabins.  There are additional cabins for personal body guards, nannies, chefs and other private staff members