Maiora 86ft

Guests 8 Crew 4 Cabins 4
Home Port: Athens; travels Turkey & Croatia

Yachts in this category are the perfect one family, two family or 4 couples yacht. They are large enough to hold comfortably 8-10 guests while being middle of the road with regards to budgets required. If your group consists of two families on a shared budget your trip can become quite comparable to that of a five star resort. With the major difference being you get only one location in a resort as compared to 6 or 7 islands and of course let’s not forget your own private crew.

Most yachts of this style will come with

    •    sun deck jacuzzis in newer model yachts
    •    a wide range of sea toys
    •    some yachts also carry scuba equipment

Price Range

Yachts in this category range in rate from 55,000 to 80,000 Euros per week for the Mediterranean and $50,000 to $95,000 for yacht in the Caribbean depending upon time of year and length of charter. These rates do not reflect any promotions that may apply and are not inclusive of Fuel, Food & Beverages, Country VAT, VISA permits, Cruising permits (if applicable)  and all extras associated with the charter. As yachts within this category are internationally traveling yachts, you may be subjected to Relocation Fees.  Your yacht planner will orchestrate the best fit yacht based on your profile and yacht requirements to keep relocation fees (if applicable) to a minimum. Yachts in this category are the most popular. Subsequently there is a large range of options within this category. An older yacht within this category can be chartered well under 35,000 and with proper negotiations from your yacht planner, additional amenities and extras can be thrown in to your charter offer.


Yachts in this category have anywhere from 5-8 crew members depending upon services requested from client. An usually consist of Captain, First Mate, Cook and or Chef status, (2) Stewards for your hotel services i.e daily cabin cleaning, serving, cocktails and other such services while First Mate is typically certified for many of the water sports activities and when not assisting the Captain, takes guests out for tubbing, wake boarding, water skiing and all other sport related activities. On the larger end of the yachts 100-120ft. they tend to have Chef status, (2) First Mates and (3) crew for hotel services. The more crew members the better the personalized service


Accommodations in yachts of this style and category are typically a 4 or 5  cabin configuration consisting of (1) Master (1) VIP and (2) Twins or (1) Master, (1) VIP, (1) Double, (2) Twins. It is always important to discuss what your group will consist of so that we can properly choose the right boat with the right cabin configuration.

Tenders & Toys

Snorkeling, Waterskiing, Inner Tubes, Bananas are always the standard equipment. Many have jet-skis, wave runners and more elaborate tenders but jet-skis require licensing in European waters and many have been removed due to strict policies and violations due to Captain allowing for a guest to jet-ski without a license.

Sailing Area

The yacht represented in these photos travels in the Mediterranean. A multitude of these style yachts are available for the West Med, East Med and Caribbean