The catamaran’s design offers an entirely different sailing experience. From its spaciousness to its anchoring, the catamaran offers many unique benefits to its traveler. At Endless Blue we offer customized crewed programs around the year to help you plan your charter.

The catamaran allows you to anchor in small coves, hidden away places and just a few meters away from the beach. It lets you go to that special secluded spot that a traditional sailing vessel would never dare to go. Its wide based straddle offers to the traveler a great sense of stability and security thanks to the sheer width of its hull.   The catamaran does not travel in a rocking motion - it glides on the sea. The gliding motion protects travelers who are affected by motion sickness. The twin engines of the catamaran allow for ease of maneuverability in ports while offering average cruising speeds of 10 knots when you don’t feel like sailing. The sheer volume of living space that the catamaran offers must be seen to be believed. Most average size catamarans (13m / 42.7ft) come with four (4) double large cabins and (2) two full bathrooms. Even your tallest guest will be comfortable in one of our catamarans. Its panoramic windows in the saloon let you enjoy every minute of the scenery. Its level saloon with the cockpit makes entertaining and dining a breeze. No more up and down the galley stairs! The catamaran is as comfortable on the outside as it is on the inside. Its vast areas of lounging deck space let everyone enjoy their own private corner. Its cockpit size holds ten people easily and comfortably. Everyone can unwind and relax with their evening sunset cocktail.   The catamaran is the ideal choice for travelers that prefer stability, spacious accommodations and plenty of deck space for hours of leisure time. It’s the perfect yacht to explore the islands with friends and family.