Caribbean Collection

The Caribbean Collection is designed to provide you an overview of the available yacht categories and preliminary pricing for each collection. Our collections also define the process of sourcing a yacht and how we put it all together. When beginning to plan your yacht charter, start with the Collections to get an understanding of the financial requirements needed for each yacht type.


Remember that bedding configurations and requirements can significantly affect the rate, as well as, embarkation and disembarkation points. But not to worry, your Yacht Charter Specialist will simplify the process. We just need to know what collection or two best meets your travel and budget requirements. 

If after you have reviewed the collection but feel you are not ready for a live consultation call, try our on-line email Quick Consultation. Our Yacht Charter Experts will assist in answering common questions and concerns regarding yacht chartering. 


Quick Consultation (on-line)


Our Quick Consultation is via email and a yacht charter specialist will answer you within 2 business days. Often times it's immediate but as our yacht charter specialists are traveling around the globe reviewing yachts for the collections, you may experience a time zone delay.